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Generate 1,000 to 100,000 Visitors per Day

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MaxiMedia provide access to low-cost, high-quality website traffic. The traffic is generated by the use of Pop unders. Pop Advertising is one of the most successful forms of getting your company advertisement on the web. Every time a visitor accesses one of the sites on our network of 180,000 extremely high volume websites, your web page will load under the target website, full screen.

Pop unders are therefore a lot less intrusive and are more commercially acceptable than pop up ads.

The traffic can be targeted to specific countries and categories: Gambling, shopping, health, entertainment, software, travel, finance, webmasters, business, family.

Traffic can be bought in packages of 10,000 to over 100,000 and can be delivered over a time scale to suit you and your marketing strategy.

Once your account is established we will also email you a link to the stats of your campaign, so you can see how many visitors are sent each day. In fact you will be able to alter the flow of your traffic by setting the number of hits to your site per hour.

Prices for the traffic change regularly so please call the office for the most up to date and competitive quotes.

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