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Search tools today generate more than 83% of all traffic on the Internet
Only 12 search engines (out of around 1500) handle 95% of all requests
More than 91% of Internet users turn to search tools (search engines and directories) to help them find information on the web.

Less than 20% of search tool users look beyond the second page of returned results.

It is therefore absolutely essential that a company website appears on the first page of results when a user initiates a search request with keywords that are related to that company's products and services.

A favourable positioning of the company website on Internet search tools will allow it to reach its target audience with maximum efficiency. High visibility through web positioning will give optimal web exposure to a company's brand, products and services.

Researchers from the Penn State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) found that people are getting frustrated with search engines. Typically surfers visit only the first three results from a query. Dr Jansen and his co-author Professor Amanda Spink analysed more than 450,000 web queries submitted to the AlltheWeb.com search engine in a 24-hour period. More than half of users checked out only one result and more than 80% stopped after looking at three results.

It will make sobering reading for businesses using search engines to market themselves.

The findings illustrate the importance of having a good ranking on a web search engine.

The research also found that half of all users entered only one query and over half of those viewed just one page of results.

An additional 19% went on the second page but fewer than 10% bothered with a third page.

It suggests that surfers are focused on what they want to find.

MaxiMedia provides a comprehensive solution to capturing and converting search engine generated traffic. We direct and manage complete and customised paid placement campaigns by:

  • Working closely with each client to find the most effective search terms that best describe their products or services

  • Each targeted search term will have a deep URL link to drive the customer directly to the relevant website page

  • Writing titles & descriptions for each search term with a view to maximising initial impact

  • Managing each account by providing proactive and reactive support, making sure all listings remain in the agreed positions

  • Regular in depth reports showing search term activity details and overall perfomance

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