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Advertise Your Website with the MaxiMedia Contextual Network and reach over 60 Million Potential Customers every month

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A contextual ad is the advertisement that dynamically appears on a Web site.

Get your website noticed today! With MaxiMedia, you are in total control and you decide how and where your web site appears.
Take control and position your listings at the top of our contextual results to bring the most targeted visitors to your site.

Who we are
MaxiMedia has access to a Performance-Based Advertising Network that reaches over 2 Million people daily through partnerships with top quality web sites. MaxiMedia Ads can connect you with new customers at the exact moment they are looking for your products or services.

What we do
We offer a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising solution, so you only pay for unique visitors that have clicked on your specific ad. What's more, you set the price that you want to pay for each click, changing this price at any time as needed. Our easy to use on-line tools allow you to manage your ad campaign in real-time!

Where your ad will appear

MaxiMedia uses a special technology to allow publishers to run your ad in multiple places. With ads based on a content channel, your ads will appear as Sponsored Links, Ads by MaxiMedia, or other special integration into a publisher's site. Publishers are categorized into the most relevant channel based on their sites content, enabling you to target your advertisement to a particular audience. For example, if you sell electronic items, you would likely want to place your ad in our Shopping Channel. MaxiMedia offers 190 Content-Channels for you to target your market. Extending beyond Channels, you can also enable keyword usage. This will allow your ad to be seen on publisher content matching your selected keyword or phrase.

Geo targeting allows your ads can be targeted to specific countries or worldwide.

Below is how your ads will appear.

Firstly we’ll write and set up your campaign for free! All you have to do is buy your clicks/credits.

£90 = 500 clicks/ credits @ 0.18 per click
Using your log in details will enable you to raise the cost per click to speed delivery.

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